With more startups emerging, founders wanting to sell the businesses should listen to buyer needs.

In 2018, CB Insights, a renowned business analytics consultancy, revealed that 42 percent of startups fail because the market deems the product to be undesirable. Two years later amidst the height of the coronavirus, the US Census Bureau observed that applications for new businesses hit a 13-year high.

The success of these startup companies, especially if they’re product-based solutions looking to sell businesses, lies in their abilities to create products that solve problems for their buyers. But with more first-time entrepreneurs taking risks in starting a new business in these uncertain times, it is more imperative than before on the…

As free-to-play business models have become the standard in gaming, the $175B gaming industry has gradually shifted its main revenue sources from sales of premium games (80% of all revenue in 2010) to sales of in-game goods (now encompassing 75% of all revenue in 2020).

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People who expect more, get more.

Very few people can boast that they were hostage negotiators working to free people away from terrorists and criminals and Chris Voss is among those few men and women.

The following are my notes from my reading of Chriss Voss’ book, “Never Skip The Difference”. My intention in this article is to help all entrepreneurs or client-facing professionals receive a concise, bulleted, overview on the teachings of this legendary negotiation book.

Without further due, here it is!

Essentials to Every Negotiation

Essentials of any negotiator before delving further with a counterpart’s in a discussion:

  • Calmness
  • Slow talking, demonstrates you’re in control
  • Curiosity
  • Solution Minded

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You should look to move the needle for customers, not ask questions like a survey.

Questions related to budget, authority, need, and timeline (BANT) in discovery calls are undisputedly essential information that every sales rep needs to accumulate. Any SDR needs to pass this information to an Account Executive if the account has any hope of being closed.

Unfortunately, BANT often causes salespeople to stick to a memorized list. And there’s nothing worse for a prospect than to feel like they’re being surveyed in a standard survey. People are emotional creatures so salespeople must create an amazing buyer’s journey when they’re looking for problems to solve.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that BANT…

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I love start-ups and tech. My goal is to help start-ups grow and succeed.

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